LIGHT DROPS variations Y

LIGHT DROPS variations Y

The concept behind LIGHT DROP VARIATIONS is to have interchangeable lamp parts which can be assembled to create a range of customizable appearances chosen to the clients’ liking. The lamps can be hung as a single piece, or assembled in a collection of up to seven pieces for a more dramatic effect. The fexibility of design allows each LIGHT DROP to be hung at different height with the elegantly simple glass ring.
The glass pieces are produced in a glas workshop in Firozabad, India. All other components are from Germany and assembled in StockhausenDesigns Atelier in Berlin.

Please note that the lamps are handmade and might feature some minor imperfections.

material: handmade glass lamp
size: triple; each DROP height 20cm
color: transparent and pink
cable: turquoise fabric, standard length 2m
ceiling rose: chrome
delivery time: 4- 5 days after payment

Care Instructions:
The transparent LIGHT DROPS can be cleaned with a glass cleaning product inside and outside. The colored LIGHT DROPS can be cleaned outside with glass cleaning product as well. But please clean the inside only with a soft cloth without glass cleaning product! Use if necessary use a bit of water to make the cloth damp. Using glass cleaning product inside will damage the color. – Thanks!


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