Cloud wall lamp

CLOUD wall lamp

CLOUD wall lamp consists of poplar wood slices which are cut using Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) laser technology. The modular standardized two dimensional wood slices are assembled using clever stacking system, so that a three dimensional organic shape is created.

Like a natural cloud, CLOUD diffuses direct light so that it’s three dimensional shape is accentuated. When switched on, CLOUD seems to glow like its natural counterpart.

material: birch veneer wood
size: 937 x 331 x 142 mm
color: natural wood color and white

the lamp will be delivered with a white power cable including switch and 2 pin EU plug

delivery time: 4- 5 days after payment

Since the lamp is made of natural wood, the lamp might feature some minor imperfections.

For more information about CLOUD wall lamp click HERE

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