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The REFLEX lamp is the latest Stockhausen Design lamp project. In contrast to the colorful and playful LIGHT DROP VARIATIONS, the REFLEX lamps have a rather geometrical and sober character.
All four REFLEX lamps models have the same shape, but due to the different color applications, the light is reflected in different ways. Thus the light experience is different in each model. The lamp consists of the glass shape, a wooden ceiling cup and a wooden top cup, a 2m textile power cord with E14 lamp holder. The glass shape is hand painted by skillful artisans in Firozabad, India. Size: 250 x 190 mm
Soon the REFLEX lamp will be available on StockhausenDesigns ONLINESHOP.

LIGHT DROP variations

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The concept behind LIGHT DROP VARIATIONS is to have interchangeable lamp parts which can be assembled to create a range of customizable appearances chosen to the clients’ liking. The lamps can be hung as a single piece, or assembled in a collection of up to seven pieces for a more dramatic effect. The fexibility of design allows each LIGHT DROP to be hung at different height with the elegantly simple glass ring.
The glass pieces are produced in a glas workshop in Firozabad, India. All other components are from Germany and assembled in StockhausenDesigns Atelier in Berlin. The LIGHT DROP VARIATIONS are StockhausenDesign products and can be purchased in the ONLINESHOP

CORAL lamp

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CORAL lamp is a hand-made product supporting a local group of artisans in Jaipur, India.
StockhausenDesign’s Principle Designer, Alice Constantinis, spent time with women from the surrounding villages of Jaipur building on traditional weaving skills to craft these bespoke contemporary objects. The organic shape, production process and texture of the crochet rope gives the CORAL lamp a natural living expression. CORAL lamp is a limited production run and whilst one bears close resemblance to another each is unique in both shape and size.
With your purchase we will donate 5€ to Nitya Seva, a charity providing a home, identity and education to street and slum children in Bhopal, India. So not only can you enjoy using your CORAL lamp, but you can also take comfort knowing that you're making a dierence to the lives of
those less fortunate.
CORAL lamp is a StockhausenDesign product and can be purchased in the ONLINESHOP

CLOUD wall lamp

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CLOUD wall lamp consists of Poplar wool slices which are cut using Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) laser technology. The modular standardized two dimensional wood slices are assembled using clever stacking system, so that a three dimensional organic shape is created.
Like a natural cloud, CLOUD difuses direct light so that its three dimensional shape is accentuated. When switched on, CLOUD seems to glow like its natural counterpart.
CLOUD wall lamp is a StockhausenDesign product and can be purchased in the ONLINESHOP


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The BERLIN ceiling light was designed for a private Berlin penthouse. According to the lighting requirements the user can regulate the position of each bulb. The cable is lead through a disk, which creates enough friction to hold the bulb at various heights.

Corner Piece

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Corner Piece has been designed for a private flat in Berlin. The challenge was create a modern furniture that would contain a TV a printer and that could be used as desk.

LAYLA for Sitzfeldt

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LAYLA sleeping sofa has been designed to respond to the needs of modern living; adaptability, comfort and resilience. This modern threeseater can be easily transformed into a comfortable bed within a few seconds. Layla was designed for Sitzfeldt, a Berlin based company delivering on demand sofas by German Designers.

Carrot&Peanuts Wonderwear

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Carrot&Peanuts Wonderwear is a brand of StockhausenDesign.
Carrot and Peanut’s Wonderwear was born by our desire to create wonderfully comfortable and good looking underwear.
Whatever you do, you will always feel great in your Carrot&Peanut’s Wonderwear, whilst sitting at your desk, travelling, cycling, fishing or even climbing trees!
The secret of Carrot&Peanut's Wonderwear is a discrete interior maintaining system. Pure long fiber cotton for the outer part and jersey cotton for the inner part, our boxer shorts provide comfort and lightness without comparison.
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Manschetties are functional jet elegant cufflinks made of a single material, colorful quartz glass. The innovative shape makes the cufflink very easy to use, it fits perfectly and looks great! Manschetties are handmade in Firozabad, India, each pair is unique in its shape and color combination.
Manschetties is a StockhausenDesign product and can be purchased in the ONLINESHOP

Scurdy sneakers

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Scurdy is a Germany based company producing customized sneakers. StockhausenDesign was asked to design the sneaker template, made of graphic shapes. These shapes can be colored to the users liking. Over a thousand different sneaker design versions can be created! Furthermore the user has the possibility to upload a picture or his own graphic.
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FLEXIHOOK is a multi-functional clothes hanger. It can hang pants, sweaters, shirts and jackets in one position, as well as dresses in the other position. The horizontal line provides a safe way of hanging dresses that would otherwise slip down on a conventional hanger. The simplicity and cleverness of the fexible hanging system makes FLEXIHOOK very user- friendly.
FLEXIHOOK is a StockhausenDesign product and can be purchased in the ONLINESHOP

leather backpack - handbag

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The functional design of the leather backpack - handbag allows the user to carry it in two different ways, as backpack or as handbag. The handles are easily switched so that the bag is adapted to the user’s needs, on the bicycle as sporty backpack, to the business meeting as elegant handbag.
The inside consists of a padded compartment for the iPad and a main compartment where one can store the charger, a DIN A4 format book or magazine, a wallet and other items. There is also a key ring where to attach the key, and a small zip pocket for the mobile phone. The leather backpack - handbag is available in four different color combinations and in two different high quality leathers; New Zeeland sheep or cow suede. The iPad bag is handmade in a fine workshop in India, New Delhi.
With your purchase we will donate 2€ to Nitya Seva, a charity providing a home, identity and education to street and slum children in Bhopal, India. So not only can you enjoy using your StockhausenDesign iPad bag, but you can also take comfort knowing that you're making a difference to the lives of those less fortunate.
Dimensions excluding handles: 290mm high, 220 mm wide, 110 deep at bottom
For more information please visit the StockhausenDesign ONLINESHOP

Bag production

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Alice von Stockhausen was asked by Drei Gürteltiere to design a series of leather and canvas bags. The series consists of weekend travel bags, laptop bags and large beach bags. Alice was not only responsible for the Design, but also for managing the production in Delhi,India.


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Luckylulli 11.jpg

Luckylulli is an innovative the bottle adapter for babies and toddlers.No tedious refilling! No messes! No bulky baby bottle!

Luckylulli is a new and practical baby product that makes parents daily life easier : A bottle adapter with integrated baby teat that fits almost any standard water bottle. The Luckylulli consists of 3 elements which are connected by a patented clip mechanism. The shape of the Luckylulli is small and handy, in tis sterile packagin in can be attached to your key ring or you can keep it in your handbag.

The Luckylulli combines innovative design, functionality, ergonomics and fun. For more information check and

Medical Solar Tent

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The Medical Solar Tent is a first aid habitat which will be used by doctors in conflict and environmental disaster areas. The roof of the Medical Solar Tent is covered with thin film solar cells. This feature makes the habitat self-sustainable. Doctors can power their PC's, LED light sources and refrigerator, in order to cool the medications. Due to its small size, the Medical Solar Tent can be transported by helicopter and be rapidly deployed in order to provide first aid to people that are isolated. Stockhausendesign started working on the concept and design of the Medical Solar Tent in 2006, the project has been developed to the stage of a scaled prototype. Alice von Stockhausen is now looking to work with a partner that can amend the project with technical experience in thin film solar products and energy storage.


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StockhausenDesign was asked to design a miniature MP3 player for a Berlin based start up. MONIO is a B to B product and will be gifted to the endconsumer. The user can upload his favourite music, the news or an audio guide from his PC.

Solar charger

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110620_V 3._Persp FRONT mit Hintergrund.jpg

Smart phone solar charger was designed in 2011 for LCE - an engineering company developing sustainable design products.
The aim was to create a compact and elegant charger.
Due to its slim design, the solar charger can be carried in a pocket. When it is sunny, the charger can be attached to a jacket, bicycle, backpack, or just placed on a table in order to charge the smart phone.

Automatic IGLOO

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StockhausenDesign designed safety equipment for EM&I, an Oil and Gas Engineering company. The product allows technicians to carry out hot work on oil and gas assets without the risk of fire or explosion. The functionalities were designed with close support of EM&I Technicians and Technical Managers. The design and construction of the prototype of the automatic IGLOO has been successfully managed by StockhausenDesign.
Currently the system is undergoing certification tests with LCIE so that it will obtain the relevant ATEX Certifications to be operated in hazardous