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DESIGN DIFFUSION NEWS issue 171 "... There has been, for some time, a process of hybridization of pure design work, which no longer simply pursues form rather than function, less is more rather than more is less:
architecture and art, especially, with the different meanings it attributes to painting and sculpture, as well as representations and installations; technology (a great deal), for instance 3D printers, computer drawing, pixels; film with its acceleration of images have all influenced the way of doing design. Design draws inspiration from artistic movements until it becomes an artistic movement itself (this is true of minimalism). And with pauperism, connoted by the massive use of recycling: many have been pioneers in the alternative re-utilization of bottles to make lamps, drawers that become dressers and many more. Reuse also means to recover neglected processing methods, such as embroidery or knitting or obsolete machinery: soft skeins of wool for soft seating, carpets woven with ropes from ships. In hangars 5 and 6 of the Tempelhof airport in Berlin, the 300 exhibitors of DMY could easily have promoted a sign saying “This is not a Designed Design”. Here the multifaceted tribe of designers and its fans could have had fun throwing balls into the trajectory of a well-built mini-golf course, watch complex mind-blowing elaborations on the computer, stand entranced in front of lit walls, discover themselves projected into a hologram and leaf through the
pages of a book/pure design object.
At left, from top: Coral Lamp by Alice von Stockhausen,;..."